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ugh I’m like that and I’ll go to fanfictions and read 200,000+ word ones that murder my soul because I just want them to be happy otp pain 2real

OHMYGOD YES I DO THE EXACT SAME THING. I’m actually- planning on doing that right now- c R IES

no man I feel you so frick fracking hard…when it happens I am the eye of a crynado and I’m out of control

yeah omg same. And then i’m like- this is how my OTP’s are made and i watch like 10 million more videos for more feels

is it just me or does anyone else violently gain a new OTP when they watch a music video of a ship and get the major honey nut feelios

okay here’s my dad’s logic, are you ready for this;

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Steal his look: Whirl

Ikea Tertial desk mounted lamp : $10


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TF Prime - Ver bayformers

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Grabbed some more Smokey screenshots from ‘Predicons Rising’ :)