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Images from Shanghai Licensing Expo


im so torn up abt Kup basically crying while introducing Rodimus in this book, no




First ever properly drawn nsfw of Transformers wwwww

I’m into drawing nsfw Rung because of herzspalter's nsfw drawing too~
I usually seek to see nsfw than drawing, so you’ll see me rarely draw these things. 0-: I don’t know why, maybe because I usually turned off when drawing anatomy (;´>∀<)-3

Annd yep! Somehow I don’t understand myself to find Rung so sexy in nsfw wwww I ship EVERYTHING okay bye >///<

Go follow darkcorals for nsfw drawings of mine-!! (9`・O・)9
I’m going to delete this post from my art blog as soon as it satisfies me to remove, so this will be only in my nsfw blog. 0-:

Pardon me for sudden nsfw post…

-does a dance- Done with Gunmetal’s lines now all I need to do is color him hhhhaaaaaaa


New OC because I have too much fun making them. His name is Slice. I’ve got nothing else about him cause I suck. Oh, he is an Autobot and his alt mode is based off of the Hyundai Veloster.


Jersey is easily my most favorite fable, appearance wise. As if my interest in the Jersey Devil hasn’t been a thing since forever in the first place


After an elaborate courtship, the dominant medic mounts his paramour’s alt mode, thus ensuring the next generation of emergency vehicles.


Draw robots it’s difficult and actually here is 3:02 am. {I should be in bed shhh}
Here you have this Rodimus with his bow.
He’s sexy.
and hot.
And I was helped by this song.  ‘Night ヽ(´∇`)ノ❤✨
{almost forgot- HD here!}